Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Okay, so mama is weird. I lub her a wot, but just weird!
I guess i'd better accept dat mama is jus aways gonna be dat way. Oh well, i wub her.
Today, i herd her on dat noisy thing she puts to her ear, talking to some lady about...a...hog-nosed-snake. I dun know what dat is, but den mama towd da lady she alweady had one, so i fink it's a landfish. I sniffed around and found dis....

so yup...it's a landfeeesh! EW! actuawwy i keep twing to get close to dis one but it doesn't wike me. Da last time i did it FLARED out it's hEAD (wike a cobra, mama said) an hissed at me (wike a wattlesnake, mama sed) an den while mama fussed at me to go away...it flipped over on it's back an pwetended to be DED! i laughed an laughed...it was FUN to scare dat stupid landfish! Mama sed i hav ta be away in mah bed when she brigs dis fish out now doh : ( da odder nasty fish don't care bout me, but dis one is widdle so she got scared. Oh well. Mama talks baby talk (dad's MY launguage) to dis snake an it makes me sooo mad at dat landfish snake!
Anyway, i herd mama say she wanted anover one...to make dem...Breed....? i dun know what dat is, but i don't wanna nother landfish!!


  1. Oh Bowsah, i get sceeeared when i read about you and the landfeesh!! mehopes your Mama's not so into them to get ya rattlesnake or python siblings. i would be worried about u and ur Mama if so!!

    we don't want u to be like this 25yo woman who got killed trying to give her python medicine: http://hamptonroads.com/2008/10/woman-thought-killed-snake-was-experienced-reptiles. Or if ya heard of Anita Finch (check out her story), an L.A. woman who got killed by her viper.

    pleeeeaazz be careful!!! i get squirmish.

  2. mama sez dat she'd nevah put her baby bowsah in harms way...but i do wike to sneak up behind her an take a wook at da landfish, so she an dada keep me away now just in case :( stupid landfish. she also says dat da fish she has are not ..."venom-us"? an dat she may hab a wot of dem, but dey are all da silly very easygoing kind. i fink eben my bwave mama wouldn't get a bitey mean dangerfish! She says she wants to go back to ....college? (sounds wike a pwace to weave me again) an study landfish. Mama, you are way too much wif da landfish!!!!