Monday, August 15, 2011

Well well...

I fink mama haz been cheeting on me! She came home today an I just could not stop smewwing all da dogs an tings she had on her pants! She sed she had a good first day working at PetSmart...I twide to tell her dats not a pwace of work, dats where you go for interesting smells, toys, an tweats! But she insisted dat part-time every week she'd be going der wiffout me an coming home wif interesting smewwls on her pants! Ugh! Mama, you are soooo weird sometimes you do the weirdest tings!!!
I mean, she goes in da "oshun" an does "Scuuuba divin" an she has tons of snakes (land fish) an fish tanks an gah der is so much stuff dat is FISH (bad).
WHy oh WHY mama????


  1. BOWSAH! YOUR MOMMA WORKS AT PETSMART?!?!?! You are so lucky because that's my very favorite place on earth. I'd smell my Momma alllll day if she came home with Petsmart smells on her! WOW! You are so lucky to have a Momma that works there!

    When I go to Petsmart, I have 2 favorite people there. One I've known since I was 10 weeks old and started puppy kindergarten. Yucky puppy kindergarten every trainer lady didn't hold out much hope for me and kind of ignored me and played with the other 2 dogs in my class. I showed her...on graduation day when we played musical chairs, I won both rounds because I sat when Momma told me to. HA! Anyway, there's this other lady who is my friend there now and she lives near us. Momma was getting in the car and heard her yell from across the street, "It's Molly and Winston's mom!" She lives around the corner. Maybe I'll sneak out later and go sniff her...she'll smell like Petsmart too!

  2. Oh will learn to love your ma working at the petsmart! She will bring you tons of treats!!!

  3. Meloves Petsmart, Bowsah!!! you are a lucky boy, because she only works part time. but i get that ya wanna be with her ALLL da time.

  4. mama sez she finks dat she will make "management" quickly. i guess da owner der weally wikes her, an mama is very fwiendly an confident wif customers, an wearning polocies an tings aren't hard! also der is a big switch of people going on der wite now, wif all da old people wanting to weave cuz der's a new manager, an da new people coming in are gonna take da good jobs ....mama sez "Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!" she'so siwwy....she says doing management wud make her feel bettah about working a minimum wage job...but money is money an she says she has to feed her basset baby (ME)! well also she is happy to be doing petstuf instead of someting she cawls "office polotics"...i'm just gwad mama is happyeee : ) (But she still shouldn't leave me!)