Monday, August 29, 2011


landfish ar pwetty stupid. mama haz deez two she calws "dumeril's boas" so i call dem DUMBOAS! hehe! so, mama sez dat in da wild deez landfish ar en-danger-ed or somefing...i guess mean people go an steal dem from der home an make dem come here to wive in a cage an bother bassets. dats horrible! so mama sez she haz deez two "captive" dumboas, an is part of a "bweeding"? program ting to make only captive dumboas. deez dumboas are baby small tings now, but someday will get reawwy big to annoy me!
oh well, even lanfeesh don't deserve to be stowen from der home! (dat doezn't mean i want dem in mine, but oh well), duh odder reason dey are dumb is dey ar in mama's lap where I shuld be!

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