Saturday, May 19, 2012

fud, but not foh me :(

i dun know why mama keeps sayin i's allergic to fud! she says "beef" an "chicken" make me itch! Well yeah...wots of stuff make me itch!!! but it still tastes GUD! she an dada made dis, an i didn't get any :( dey mean :(

I watched dem weel gud in case dey changed der minds or dwopped some, but dey didn't :(
dey had been watchin sum toopid tv show about fud, an wante to make fud.
.......okay so, maybe it wuzn't aw bad...mama sed she felt sowwy foh me, an so water i got some bacon : )


  1. looks tastee yummers Bowsah! were the making 'sliders'? i wud be mad toos!! tho i sorry to hear you's allergic to stuff. more bacon for you, you're not allergic to that!

  2. no worms, they wasn't sliders, they was huge boorgers!! mushooms an mouff watering jus thinkin bout it!!