Saturday, September 10, 2011

The winning over of Daisy

As the "old" dog in the household, it must be noted that Daisy was entirely NOT interested in her new little basset brother. Tolerant, yes. Interested? Not at all!  Here we see the first attempts at a most-of-the-family-photo.

Not a very good outcome. Bowser has alighted nicely in his mama's lap, however Daisy is being forcefully restrained and even hindered in her desired escape from the close proximity to this puppy-intruder! Timish!

After a while, however, and inevitably, she began to tolerate him more. The photos do jump a bit in the timeline at this point, as does Bowser's size! He's quite the fast growing little Tim!

Finally, we see that after about two weeks, Daisy has accepted Bowser! In fact, they snuggle quite nicely together, and do indeed enjoy each other's company. Success!!

Quite the heartwarming story, even I Tim so myself!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Bowsah's story, Tim. Even if Bowsah gets mad at you, it was nice that you put that aside and wrote such a lovely account of his first days at his new home. He does seem does his Mama.

    Now don't bug Bowsah at bedtime, Tim...or I'll send Winston over there to settle the matter.

    Your friend,

  2. Oh ho ho! Surely the little lad won't be mad at me for coming on here, going through his photos, and posting them! And no no, no need for more bassets at bedtime...there is biting enough! Tim gets his way at biting me all the time then!