Saturday, September 10, 2011

Before his home:

Hello Everyone Again! Tim here. Here to talk about Tim! Ah, Bowser! I will now commence showing you a bit of the "before" time, for our furry friend. He doesn't remember this time much, so it's appropriate that I give the story as I know it.
Here we see a young Bowser, upper left. You will always know it's him by the elegant triangle on his rear! Here he is with his siblings, and his dog-mother!

Here again, in the fore-front we see his wide white neck band, and we can see a bit of his white striped nose!

Ah, and here is a lovely photograph of the dog-father! Bowser is seen in the back, by the cardboard box.

Lastly, but indeed, firstly, we see our young newborn Bowser-lad suckling away at mum. See how he has dominated the pack and climbed atop the others of his kind to attain the nourishment! His white leg and neck, and classic triangle back in clear view.

WELL! What a beginning for our little chap! 

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