Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello, chaps!

Hello there, everyone! My name is Tim, and I am from TimLand! I visit Tim-Bowser each night before bed, and we romp and play! Sometimes I get confused and since I love my name so much, I sometimes call everyone Tim, but other than that Bowser and I have a ripe ol' good time! I go for walks around the bedroom floor, my high-pitched man-voice explaining to Bowser how we should all be friends, because that is how it is in TimLand, and sometimes, well, he gets a little bit rambunctious and may bite me a bit. It's alright though! I'm good natured about it...even though by now my squeaker is broken...
Anyway!...I am here to help Bowser do a bit of a history of himself. It's a bit narcissistic to talk about yourself all the time you know (Tim, I say!) so if I show a bit of Bowser's adventures for him perhaps he will appreciate my effort and there will be less biting! We shall see! Tim!

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