Saturday, September 3, 2011


Finally i get to see some benifit of mama doing long wurks at petsmart! today she went an got me TWO toys, an some BONES to chew! she awso got me somefing called shampooless shampoo doh, an she says she's gonna use it on me befoah bed tonight... i don't wike da term "use it on me" so we'll haveta see what it is....

OH so yestahday was HOWWIBLE. dada gabe me AN daisy a da bafftub, at da same time! BOO!!!! den mama dwied us off doh..dat's aways fun : ) we wan around an awound an got watah everywhere. I dwied off weel fast cuz mama sez i hab no fur! Siwwy mama...i have fur! Dats wut i shed all ovah your bed! dazy doh, she had soooo much fur in da bafftub dat dada sed it turned da tub black. she aways takes foreber to dwi too. siwwy daizey.

OK so back to mah point! Mama got me a LANDFISH toy today! I aweady had one, a yellow one, but dats old news now. Dis one is purple! i pwayed wif it for a while, but den before bed (when I always wike to pway da most...especially at midnight...or 11...or sometimes 1am!) i wike to gwab a toy an run an run back an forth upstaiws, an jump on da bed, an gwowel, an spin, an slobber on da toy! we play fetch ebbery night! dayze just goes to bed, an mama an i pway. i wuv dat time! Anyway, she sez she has anodder toy foh me, an den when she gets tiwed of pwaying wif me (dat must be a joke) i can hab a bone! Boooneees!!!!


  1. I went to Petsmart today all by myself. Momma and I had girl time! I think I like it there again - no one touched my feet.

    Shampooless shampoo? Maybe you won't have to take baffers anymore! Lucky Bowsah! Off to tell Momma all about this...I don't want a baffers!

    And playing at midnight? That's past my bedtime! You sound just like Winston, Bowsah. He does that too.

  2. I HATE da baffless shampooless shampoos! It is howwible! mama wikes it, but she has to spray it on me an wub it in...BLAH! don't twi it!!!