Saturday, September 10, 2011

The story continues

As was once stated, our little lad grew quite quickly! In one short week, he had gained 3lbs! This document shows the first full day. Here we see the first full on face photo that had been taken of the young lad. Other days followed, and each day has been photographically documented by his mama, however they are actually in rather a jumble, due to there being so many, and so many of them being moved around for posting and emailing at various times. Here is a good idea of the first day, and the second full day, however! Tim!

(I heard he still very much enjoys these bones! It seems this bone in-particular had been in the house for nigh-on 3 years with no attention! However once Bowser found it, it became very popular with Daisy again.

Here we see the vicious nature of the beast! It seems shortly after this he had a toy shoved into his gaping maw.

An attempt to hold the poor lad still. It seems he hadn't quite realized that daily photos would be a part of his...every day!

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  1. Oh teeeny Bowsah, you are so stinkin' adorable...with your spotted nose!