Saturday, September 3, 2011

in da kitchen

i wub when dada is in da kitchen. he's weel messy an always drops fud on da floor. i sit on da wug an wait foh it. he says "outta da kichen!" weel loud, an daisy wuns away, but i just wook at him an sit on da wug. He twies to push me outta da way wif his foot, an sometimes he gets weel loud, but mostly he just moves around me an i stay on da wug. : ) Mama is weel good at being in da kitchen an doing tings awound me so i don have to move! but she doesn't dwop tings vewwy much : (  alldoh....mama used to wet me twi ebberyting she was eatin cuz she said it was da first time i'd have eaten it in my WIFE! an it was tru! cuz i'm a puppy!
da best doh, is wen mama is done using sometin...wike a wapper...or a box, an she just turns around an says "You want dis?" an i take it fwom her wif my fwont teeff, an den wun in da oddah woom an chew it up : ) I got to do dat wif a coffee creamer container tonite!!! : ) : ) : )


  1. Bowsah, you are so lucky. I am on a diet, so Momma doesn't let me have all that stuff. She buys me carrots and I like them a lot...but not as much as peanut butter.

    I hate being on a diet, but my medicine made me a little chubby, so we are fixing that before it gets bad. Don't wanna be too fat, but I really want peanut butter.

  2. mowwy! gud news! mama started feedin me a GUD FUD finawwy! it's cawd "simply nourish"...lamb an oatmeal...YUM-UUMM! finawwy she got da hint! she says it iz gud for grains, or corn, or gluten, or bi-products (i dun know what all dat is) but it's got lots of protein in it so i feel full an it's yumm. carrots are OTAY i guess. my grandma gabe us doz wen we were in oregon. awso mama sez dat a widdle peanut buttah goes a wong way (i fink i wot of peanut buttah wud go further, but she don't agwee) in a kong...but i kinda hate my kong an daisy steals it. So dada went to da hawdware store (i know wut dat is cuz i've widden in da basket der twice!) an got a .19 cent pipe with ends an it's so hawd for daizy an i to get the peanut buttah out!

  3. Bowsah, is that food from Petsmart? I'll tell Momma about it. Maybe I need that so I'm not so hungry. She feeds me Iams now, but it's not enough. I like it though :)

  4. It IZ fud fwom petSmawt! Mama sez dat onwy smawl speciawl stows used to cawwy gud fud foh wuved dawgs wike me but now peeple ar moh aware of wut gud fud iz so big stows hab it now too!! She sez dat befoh gramma spoiled me (which iz siwy I am juss not spoilled) I wiked California natural, & one cawd holistic select. They werr pricey doh but had gud "bacteria" cawd " probiotics" en dem day weely hewped daizy stop habing messy poo (which I did mind, can I go wie in da sun if der iz poo everywerr!)
    So aneway she sez az wong az it sez no wheat an no corn u will be gettin less filler an bi-products (bad fake kinda protein) an be gettin da gud stuff! Mama sex iams haz bad ingwedients dat doggies dun digest well, but dat include attractants in it to make us wike it an eat mow of it! I wike mow fud but I eat wess of dis new fud since da ingredients ar moh protein an wess junk...but it is a widdle more expensive dan Ian's! Mama dez if your mama can't find any of dat stuff dat petsmawt has one cawd blue Buffalo dat iz gud too..I juss wudnt eat it but wen we had our cat nermal she step it! Whew...typin foh mama on her phone iz bawd...gotta keep tewwin it to stop changin mah surfs!

  5. Thanks for all that info, Bowsah. Momma is gonna go to Petsmart and try some of your suggestions.