Monday, September 5, 2011

bedtime showdown!

Furst wet me introduce a newcomer to bedtime pway...da Patrick Stewart ostrich...he says tings wike "seeds, Earl grey hot" & "I am ostrich of Borg" an "to bowldly go where no ostrich has annoyed browser before" an aw kinds of tings! 

DEN he got tied on my wuz an insult!! 

DEN he got tied on mah leg! I pulled him off so gud day I eben pulled my foot to my mouf! 

Den Tim (I hate dat guy, I aways say dat!) Wuz der. 

den da new snakefish toy, den I had to kill an tear up da old cwab toy we hab

...den I got on day bed an stared at mama until she covered me up an I am aseep now :)

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