Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today mama twicked me. I wuv her, but it was tewwible. Fiwst her an dada went out an came back aww wet and smewwing wike fiish. Der wuz sand eberywere, an dey had all dis scawy stuff dey brought in an put in da back yawd. Dey cawed it "skooba stuff". Aneeway, den mama went into dat giant wet box she has upstairs. I missed her sooo much so i went and sat write outside it an waited for her to be done getting all wet cuz i wike to lick her legs an feet when she comes out! Also when she puts on "lowshun" dat's GUD!
but today mama wuz all happee to see me too an she cawed me into da big wet box wif her an i luv her so i went in! But i got WETTED an she wubbed stinky stuff all ovah me. She does dis sometimes but it's usually in da kitchen. In da "sink".
Dis wuz horrible. AN i got COLDED an was so colded mama put a sweatah on me to wear. But, i got dinnah an a tweat so it's all GUD!

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