Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Somtims its sooo hawd to get under a bwanket! I pull an bite an it just wont work. usually doe, mama or dada will hep me : )

Today was AWESOM! i got up for brekfast an said bye to dada (he leaves for all day sometimes an comes home weewwee grumpy, but i wike it when hes home!) den i went back to bed wif mama!
den i got up an ate WUNCH! it was guuuud.
den mama took me an dazee inna car an we went to a neat pwace! she called it da "Har-bor" an she took some scary tanks dat smelled wike fesh outta da car an some guy i made fwiends wif put air in dem.
But da best pawt was wen we went down to da boats! der was birds! i actually saw dem and den one of dem made a stinky spot on the ground an i tried to wroll in it but mama pulled me away really fast : (
but den i saw a ded starfesh! i was gonna eat it but mama took it away. i guess mama knows wut shes doin sometimes cuz i wuv her anyway.
DEN we went to da dog pawk! dat was soo fun!
wen i got home i ate AGAIn an now i'm twining weewee hawd to get dis bwanket to get on me.

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