Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hawd to get up

In da mownings its soooo hawd to get up! I crawl an moan and gwoan an still mama says to get up. But i TIIIIRED mama! Oh well, today wen i woke up it was tyme for bweakfast! i lov dat.

Maebe mama will take me to da dowg pawk today! dat would be fun!

Mama's got stuwf in da floor she wont let me bite. Der just woks! she sez der for da "nano tank" or sumtin. I tink it has to do wif FESH! why aw mama an dada aways wantin FESH??? dat is soooo gwoss! Yuk!

Sometims mama an dada leave me for allllll day forevah an when dey FINAWWY com bak dey smell like Feesh an deyr all wet! it's so GWOSS! i keep tewwing dem dat dey shud stay home wif me an let me sleep in mama's lap insted but dey just keep goin out after fesh. YUK!

Cuz gettin up is hawd to do

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