Friday, March 18, 2011


mama weft me yestahday! she got up late (which is GUD i wike to seep in) den she spent forevah throwing does covering tings out of her closet an onto da floor...finawwy she put some on, den she spent forevah standing in front of dat window dat has da otheah bowser in it! i lay by her feet da whole time. she kept moving, so i kept moving too. i had to be touching mamas feet! DEN she WEFT me...again! she sed she was going to "dyannas birfday pawty" an she didn't come back until aftah dada came home. I wuz happy dada was home, but as soon as he let me outta da kitchen i went wooking alllll ovah for mama! I wooked in her chair, in her baffwoom, in da closet (she did spend a wot of time in der) in da bed, in da otha woom...but no mama. : ( but den she came home latah an i wuz sooo hapyeeee!!!! : ) I wuv mama : )

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