Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Observation of a basset]

[Here we observe a 47lb, 11 month old male basset hound. He lies asleep, curled up in a bed that his human has given him, which takes up half of the floor in the living area. We watch as the human leaves the room. The basset's eyes pop open, and he watches as his human leaves. Normally, the young basset would painstakingly rise and follow his human to her destination, always wanting to be near "Mama".  However, today the basset is exhausted from an hour spent at the local "dog park" where it was spied he "ran amok".
Once the human female leaves the room, she is unaware of the events that pass in her absence. Little is known in fact, except that upon her return the basset can be seen in his bed, now fully awake, chewing. It is noted that a side table to the human's chair has been knocked over, and various items are spread across the floor. Many are wet with what appears to be "dog slobber", while others are actually indecipherable because in their current condition they are only blobs of chewed plastic. To the human females extreme displeasure, all of her "chapstick" is missing. She looks and searches the floor, only to find that the basset hound has left his bed, to "help" her find these items, biting and chewing various bits as she tries to pick them up.
It is noted that the human finally notices the missing chapstick when the basset once again alights in his bed and begins to chew on it, once again.
Final thoughts: Basset hounds love chapstick.]

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