Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catch-up photos

I dun fowgot to post sum photos! So here dey are.

Heer iz mama wearing "toe-socks" an twing to howd me in her wap. I didn't wanna be der, doh, so i am stiff an not sitting wite :)

Heer yoo can see mama is wearing ME! her ears, an her shirt! siwwy mama, i shud get a shirt dad sez i wuv mama!

I waz weely seepy on new years. I twied to make da bed on da carpet lots of times but den it wuzn't comfortable. i wook sad.

Den da odda ones of deez are fwom mama's birffday! 

i didn't wanna be picked up der. but i wasn't howding still, so mama was twing to move me onto her wap.

okay mama, i wuv you. have a bad breff kiss.

Dada will giv you bad breff kiss too hehe

awww mama an dada, i wuvs you guys!


  1. Awww nice pictures, Bowsah. It looks like you make your Mama and Dada very happy. You're such a nice boy for letting Mama hold you on her lap. I try to climb on laps, but it doesn't work out well because I weigh 70-ish pounds. Oh well, I'll keep trying anyway!


  2. Bowsah thank you for sharing your pics. You have a nice family. Bowsah, u sure you don't weigh under 40 lbs? we look like the same size! how much u weigh these days....? i'm doing bettah, but still need to gain. i almost finish alls da pumpkin balls!

  3. WOrmie. I had to go to da vetz foh my eye....iz still not bettah an now da odda eye is bads too :( But i's went, an dey sez i was 51.2lbs! Dey sed i wuz just da write size n shape! compwemented me on my deep chest an slim belly...made me blush. if i onlee knew what dey were sayin!
    I fink you should hab a bowsah goal. You shud be a bowsah weight goal!!!

    1. oh Bowsah!! okey, i wills keep working on gaining weights : ) plus, i likes it. right now i gets a mini burger patty every nights. yummy. it is good. i will keep working to be likes u, Bowsah!