Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bad mama :(

Today wuz howwible. Well it stawted off gud. We sept in, an den mama hugged me foh a while, an den we got up! We went ovah to dada's pawents house an WEFT daisy der....an den mama an one of da LANDfish, went to...da VET! I wuz happee an got on da scale by myself (51lbs) an went in da woom...an met da nurse who had da sniffles dat mama was worried of gettin germs from (lol) an i wuz fine...but wen da sniffleNurse came back in da woom,i smelled WITE away dat she had....da termomotor! I went an hid behind mama, but dat wuz da WONG ting to do...she stuck it up my butt!!!!
It was onwy downhill fwom der. I's had to hab my eye cweaned out, cuz i had.. goo in it cuz i skwatched it. i din do it on purpose. :(
i had to go in da oddah woom WIFFout mama. i wuz shakin an scawed. mama wuz weely sad, she said (hrumph) but den she wuz destwacted cuz da wandfish had to be pwobed an pwodded too. i guess it wuzzent sick doh, but had to cwean out it's nose. I kinna fewt bad for it waiter...cuz i knew how howwible da vet is! I wuz gwad to see mama again an go home.
Wen we got home, mama put da wandfish up, an den we went to go get daizy...but we stayed an mama an dada had fud cuz i guess it's dada's birffday today! den mama went to wurk...an dada an i waited foh her. we all home now, an i got cookies :)
whew...it wuz a wong day!!!


  1. Bowsah,

    Winston had the thermometer up his bum yesterday too when he went to the vet for his ouched leg. I think he got mad at the lady for doing that, but we always get treats afterward. Sometimes I get mad when they use the thermometer and I poop on the floor afterward to show them I mean business. Muahahahaha!

    I hope your eye is better soon! And I hope the landfish is ok too.


  2. Oh boy, Molly & Bowsah... i got a thermometer up my bum this past weekend too when i went to the vets! what is it, there must be something in the air? all i have to say is that it is NOT very becoming to have a 'mometer up the bum.

    poor Bowsah, that did not sound like a good day at all. i hopes ya feel bettah, and that your eye heals up.

  3. Yikes, I am not looking foward to the vet on Friday with all these thermometer stories. All I know is I am getting a bath, nail trim and butt check. I don't think my butt check involves a thermometer though. BOL Sniffs, Winston (The HoundDogs)