Monday, December 5, 2011


*sigh* It's been so cowld...DEN i went an gots a weepy snotty eye! I had it foh wike, 5 days. at da end, dada wudn't take me for walkies anymoh. (He cawws dem "w's" wen he dunnit want me to know he's talkin bout'em, but i know. well, i suspect.
anyways, i habin't got to go in a few days. My eye is bettah doh. Not weely crusty anymoah. No moh sneezin. I wuz sneezin wike...a hunned times in a woe! It's been soooo windy an cowld! i bet der is so many gud smells floatin awound out der. *sigh*

Mama an dada hab been doing somefing cawld "deocoratin for kismass". mama gibes me kisses aw da tyme. we don't need to cewebwate dat!!!

OH mama just had a showah. I wanted to go in wiff her, but dis tyme i onwy stayed outside da showah doorah, so she put a bwanket on me. I curled up. I did make suah to gib her toe an weg kisses wen she got out doh. didnt eben hab to move out fwom unna my bwanket!


  1. Oh Bowsah, stay warm my friend! my person got me a coupla sweaters & hoodies from Petsmart & the like. as we speak, i'm wearing a sweater right now. haha, i'm not sure i wanna let the forum frienz know since they r in much colder places than we r!

  2. LOL...We are in the same boat. Hadda leave the dog park early tonight cuz my momma was too cold. Wimp.
    ~Annie O.