Thursday, July 28, 2011


dada shud be home soon...when he gets here i wike to scream an scream!
i'm savin up da screams.

in da meantime, i'll just say dat my new favorite ting to do before bedtime is to jump on da bed an spin in a circle over an overah again, especially when mama an dada are paying attention to dat dumb "waptop" computah ting, instead of me!
aftah all, i'm way more fun!


  1. Bowser, do you get to sleep in de bed? I don't and it makes me sad :-(

  2. I do, i do! well wut odder bed is der dan mama's bed?? I do wemember dat she had to fuss an fuss at dada but finawwy i got to be wif her cuz she told dada "but he sleeps through the night when he's with me!" i fink dat's whut she said ; )

  3. Nicely played, Bowser. I sleep on the couch, but I really like it there. Momma says there isn't enough room for me and Winston in bed. Maybe when she gets a bigger bed like a king-sized one, we can sleep with her and Daddy. You are sooo lucky!

  4. i wesponded to dis wif a wong wong message, but da interwebs on mama's phone ate it! Basicawwy, i sed dat mama said she insisted dat dada an her get a big kingpawed bed when dey got togever (before i wuz here...poor mama wif no bowsah!)