Saturday, July 2, 2011


so, den aftah mama showed upped in oregon, we stayed and pwayed wif da weenies and gwandma an gwandpa for a while, but DEN mama went an put me an dazee BACK in da CAW an we drwove and dwove!! UGH i hate da caw...i can't stay awake i juss faw asweep an i miss aw da gud smells...
we spent da night in Winnemucca again...stupid winemucka. den we stayed two dayze wif mama's fwind who has kids. now, i kinda tink da kis R okay when dey don't pull mah ears, but i weewly don't wike da big man dat wives der. he's LOUD an big an he's not der much anyway cuz he goes to werk. anyway, JC is da widdle boy der and we play tag in da yard an it's sooo much fun an i yell an bawk an no one carees!
okay so den it was more dwivin, and DEN i stawted to recognize smells an mama was asking me "where's dada? aw we gonna see dada?" an i was wike OKAY let's see DADA MAMA!!!
an so den we got outta da car an der was dada! I screamed and scweamed AGAIN!
i had to stop screaming though (daisy kept it up for a wong time so it was okay i stopped) an i had to go check out all da smells in da house. I mean, i wuzn't der for a while an i needed to make sure tings were okay. dey were. den dada got lots of toe kisses!!!

it wuz funny too, cuz i dun care about beds cuz i sweep wif mama, but daizy came home an flopped on her bed, an den sighed reelll big, an den rolled an screamed an got up and scrwamed more!!!
silly daze.

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