Thursday, July 28, 2011


so, i been busy. Mama gabe me dis pwastic jar, an it has peanut buttah in da bottom. It's been days but i fink i finally got it all out!

okay, so, mama an dada WEFT go wook at fish in da watah. when dey came back, dey had ANODER land-fish!  see, fish is dusgusting. it stinks, it tastes bad, an it makes mama an dada leave me sometimes. dey go out in da "oshun" just to wook at more FEESH! it's terrible. So, den one day dey weft me, an came home wif dis....

it's some sort of fish...wike a land-feesh! Well den one day mama came home wif ANODER one...and den dis wast time dey brought home a BIG one. SO we have 3 land-fish!
No, i hear dat mama an dada were talking and i heard dem say dat saturday, dey are going where der are MORE LAND FISH. why are dey so cwazy? dey have a perfectly good basset here, why all da fish? a wandfish cant keep mama's feet warm while she's in da kitchen, or make sure dada got clean toes when he comes outta da shower. a land feesh just sits der. landfeesh are stupid!

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