Wednesday, July 13, 2011


or, fuh. Mama says i shed my fuh eberywere. I do!! : ) I aways do, but hey it IS summah time now! More Hare! mama sez shes neber had to va-cume so much before! I kinda wish she wouldn't doh, sometimes i'm not sure about dat big noisey ting. Dayze hates it, but i just stare at it to make sure it doesn't eat me.

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  1. Winston and I yell at it and chase it. Momma got my toe with it by accident, but I was ok. She felt bad and I hid until she put that stupid thing away. Winston was scared of it at first, but I taught him that if you yell at it enough, it will go hide in the closet. We are scaaaary bassets!