Friday, March 9, 2012

Watchin landfish eat

sumtimes mama an dada feed da landfeesh. Now, sum ob yoo out der may not wike to see da wandfish eat, cuz dey are eating nasty ded mouses! But you can see here dat i am watchin dis landfesh eat anyway. it's kinda interestin...

dis is sumfing cawd a "hognose snake" it iz a baby dat mama iz feeding. he gets weely excited an wiggles, an den he hisses at it! stoopid landfish!

Click here to see a snake eat


  1. Wow! haha, at least Perry knows how to use a napkin. ewww, that's a mouse???

  2. lol it's a tiny newborn icky mouse, yes! Bowser is so cute though cuz he always watches calmly as we feed the snakes!