Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bad day :(

so, furst mama an dada left AGAIN going to dis tupid wurk pwace. DEN i was weft all awone wiff daisy...dats fine...cuz dada forgot to put up da twash today!!! mama came home, but den Pwomply WEFT again, saying she wuzn't cweaning it up an she went off to da grocery store!!!
Dada came home an while mama was gone, he chased me wiff da twash can to punish me foh just knocking it ovah a widdle, i mean sheesh.
Yeah so i ate twash an put it ebberywhere...i thought dat he WANTED me to since he weft da twash where i could get it!!!

Oh well, i got weely scared wen i got chased an den mama came home an i got into her wap. DEN she said i stunk, an i had to get a butt wash. It was so embarrassing. Dada sed dat if Mowwy McFweckles could see how i had to hab my but washed it wud be embarrassing foh me!

chased by twash an embarassing butt wipes :( bad day!!!


  1. LOL. Dog and trash... baths are good for you... don't ever forget that.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. Bowsah, I had have my bum cleaned the other day too. You're in good company.