Sunday, February 19, 2012

hoppah! mama an dada hab had dis ting foh a while, but i nevah paid much attenshun to it. Den, da odda day, it got on da i wealized what an AWESOME toy dis could be! Dada an i chased it acwoss da floah, an den he put it away : (  But i found out where it lives, an now i watch it EACH day, to see if it's gonna get out again! If it does, i'm gonna get it!

It's cawd a Hoppah! Doh mama cawd it a "pixie fwog" an said it's name was "NomNOM".

So, i awsoh caught dis hoppah watching a landfish. It was watching a landfish, while anodder landfish was watching IT. Da hoppah wanted to eat da top landfish, an was ebery time it hopped, da bottom landfish wanted to eat it! (I guess da bottom landfish eats hoppahs in "da wild".)

Whutevah, i just know dat i am weady to catch dat hoppah if it evah gets out again!!


  1. Frogs are lots of fun Bowser. Too bad it isn't a PacMan frog, you could get your mama to dress you up as a ghost when you chased it.

    1. oh Bowsah, welikes hoppahs here. my person says maybees we will gets 'firebelly toads' again someday. she used to has them loooong ago. haha, Mr. vb3 is funny!