Sunday, February 12, 2012


mama got a new jorb...ja...job!
she is wurkin at petsmart foh dis DEN she is going to go back to somefing cawd "clerical" wurk...where she makes twice as much mohney an wurks "full time". I dun know what dat means...but i fink it has somefing to do wiff not being i dun know about dat. She's onwee wurking about 20 hours a week frwom petsmawt (i know how long hours are cuz i count dem until i can skweem dat she's home!)

So...she sed she'd be working 40 hours a week! i fink dat is HOWWIBLE. but she's doin somefing cawd customer service, an will be gone on dat is a day i get to spend wiff dada. Den, she will have a day during da week to spend juss her an me! So it's like i'm only awone (wif daisy) foh 4 days. I guess dats bettah dan all da days *sigh*

well, der is not much going on odder dan dat! I's been walkies, an had tweats, an i's still gettin my eyes cleaned out every day :( it's icky. i fink i's got allergies!
my wegs hab been sore, too, cuz dada an i's been on walkies an i found out i can WUN an chase wabbits!!
My fwont leg always is wobbly, but now i gots a back leg dat wobbles too. i kinda had a rough week...but i's still lookiing foward to my special mama days! And she says i gets more bones cuz she'll make more money! i wike bones!!


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    1. Oh Bowsah, mehopes your legs feel bettah soon. and enjoy those days with your Mama. congrats on her new jawb!