Monday, April 1, 2013


fursday wuz my birffday! but saturday mama made me a cake, an den dayzee an me went to liska an callie's house (an monty an tessa were der, too)

so, dada came up wiff da idea to hab a huuuge penut buttah an jelly sandwhich! DELISH!! but dada got GWAPE mama made it...den wemembered dat i, as a dog, is not supposed to hab gwape! so we wiped it offs. but da pizza crust wiff buttah was GUD!

we had pawty games, an i had a pwesent, but da toopid ting was dat i had to dwess up :(

Dis me openin pwesent

dis me playin wif da wooden ting that gibes tweats!
daisy is scweaming in da background cuz she wanted dinnar.

ovahall...waz a gud birffday : )

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