Friday, April 15, 2011

Da beech

Fwist mama took me an Daizee to da beech! It was fun! I'b been beforah but dat tyme i got wetted. Dis time i twide to not get wetted! She went crawling on da wocks and said she was wooking for a "stawfish" to feed to her "harliquin shrimp" ...i hab no idea what any o'dat means! but she came back an got me an daisy fwom where we was tied on a wok an said she couldn't find one! i felt bad for her, but i was glad she was back and den she took my pitcha for a while an we went home!
DEN wen dada came home we went out to da beech AGAIN! i'm awww for womping an wunning an car twips, but wen we went back da watah was all high an rough an da wind wuz bwowing an sand wuz EBERYWERE...i mean eberywere! i did not no sand could get in alllll doz pwaces on me!
dada went an climbed da wocks dis time, again sayin he wanted a "stawfish"  an mama walked me an daizy awound in da sand and took MORE pictures of me an daizy...she's silly!
i climbed up on a wok an den before mama could get me down i fell down an it kinda hurt : (
but mama gabe me kisses.

den dada came back an we went home AGAIN! he didn't hab his starfeesh doh. poor dada! dats what he gets for tryin to play wif fish....don't dey know by now dat fish awe nasty???

well anyway, today mama an dada did sometin silly but i'll wait to write it down until mama can get apicture of my tail to show.

herz odder pics!

Mama got some videos too!
Found a pinecown on da beech
iz vewwy windy
watah almost got me but der was gud smells in da sand
I don't want da watah to get me, Mama!

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