Friday, April 29, 2011

aww : (

mama's been fweeling tewwible lately. i give her good kisses and lay on her feet doh, so i fink dat might make it bettah : ) she said she had scuuuba cwasses tonite to do, but i dun want mama to weave again, an come back smewwing wike FISH! ugh. maybee dats why she feews bad! dont she know fish is disgusting???
wets see..mama went out da oda day to go to a doctow (whutever dat iz) for her tummy, an while she was gone dayze an i accepted da challange an opened up da fud bin...again! i wudnt let daisy have any doh, so my belly is sooooo full wite now an it's GOOOOD.
well im gonna chew a bone now.

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