Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dada's feesh

mama an dada ez pwetty sad...i guess yestahday somefing cawd da "eewektwicity" went away, an it wuz aw a wot of dada's fish didn't wake up in da morning. i dun know why. well wakin up in da mowning iz hawd...i get dat...but dada iz weely sad, an mama is sad, an it wuz pwetty sad.

i mean, i hates fish, but i dun wants mama an dada to be sads.
I came an gabe dem wots of kisses, an laid on der feets.

it's awso been weely uncomfortable awound here wately. i been da hottest i ebber ben in my WIFE!!! eben at night mama an i is so hot we dun snuggle i push her away an she pushes me away!
iz been so hot, an den der been no feesh, an eberybody been sad.

i did make suh my breff was WEEL bad doh, so i gib da best kindsa kisses. I fink dat will help!

1 comment:

  1. oh Bowsah, i'm so sorry to hear bout your family's feesh... dat is a bummah. and sad. funny to hear bout how u push your mama away when it's too hot, we do the same here too!