Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wefined bassets take a while to bwog

Hewwo Der all. Tis been a while. As I become a widdle more owlder an wefined I welize Dat much of my day iz wooteen,  an bwogging has fawwen by da wayside. Tis a shame weely.  I wook In da miwwa an notice der are gwey hairs beneif mah eyes. I suppose dis culturing an aging wuz inevitable.  Still I cawwy on. Days aw betta by far....mama stays home wif me now. She was sick fo months but now is back to Dat computuh buziness. My house still burdens me wif landfieesh, but I've long become used to their icky pwesence.
Most importantly mama an Dada tell me they have come to Der senses an purchased me a 900 dollar dog bed!!! Next week instead of deez howeible tings dey sit in Dat I cannot fit into wif dem....we are getting a big dog bed we can all pile onto togever to watch TV wif an snuggle! I will love to steal mama's warmth!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

OH my's

eets been so long! Gwoing up haz been hawd. See, mama went an got alllll dis wurk an skool to do, den dada gots wurk an computah wurk at homes. (i hates computahs btw, mama always haz her laptop stealin her laps fwom me!)

but sometin trooly howwible haz happened....mama went an got da fud for da landfish, an made it live wit us! She named it Neko! I HATES NEKO. He takes my mama away an i hates him foh it! I kinda want to pway wif him, but he's TOOPID an doesn't get to hab my mama!!!

well....anyway....eets awmost my birfday again. Maybe if mama isn't too busy wif NEEKO den i get to hab a partee. >=P

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I had kissmass early!

furst, i likes to give toe kisses. den, i got downstarss dis mornin an opened up pwesents!!! but den dada got mad at me an sed it wuz too eerlee : (

pictuhs latah...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

been a while

deer bowsah bwog,

hewwo bwog! been a while, cuz mama been wurkin too much an coudent hewp me update. not much been goin on, neways. i's gots a new toy dah oddah's a skimp! so, it's basicallly a feesh. i see skimps bein in da wata in da feesh tank.
but dis one i can bite! so i do wut must be done! i bites it good.

da odda day we, mama, dada, daisy an i wuz walkin, an at furst i was scared, but den it was ok...see some pershun drove up in da monster car ting, an yelled out da windo "dat's a beeutiful basset hund! you guys weely take care of him!" an i was like, DUH lady! furstly, mama sez i iz a pritty boy all da tyme.'s not eazy to keep dis fit!

see, my regimine is long. Furst, i get up in da morning. It's veery difficult..but i's finally do itz...den i go downstairs (ugh, vewy hawd wurk in da morning!)
den dada lets dayze an i go out, i do my pee (dis is ownly allowed in da fwont yard, btw) den he gives us brekky.
now, i used to wike dis brekky okay, but i hab pwetty high standards since i wike to keep healfy. lately i been twimming back an not eating brekky becuz i know i need someting better to maintain my bassetness.
so, den i haff to go to wurk...downstairs bed i hab to make it by pulling it wiff my mouf, an diggin. it's a LOT of wurk.
I put in my 4 hours or so, before i takes a break an den i go outside for da next pawt of my regimen. i gots to toast! i make my way out da doggy door, after holding it open foh a bit to let the flies come in so dey can do der daily jobs (i is polite like dat) an den i go out an i hab to lie in da sun. that's what gibes me my basset glow. Also it toasts up my dog bacteria so i smell REEL gud when i come back in da house. furst i toast one side, den i hab to roll ovah an toast da odda side!
sumtimes i get a little ober toasted, so i's come back in da house. i drink watah (which is not as good as upstairs watah) den i hab to make da bed again, and go back to seep.
about 4pm i arise fwom seep/wurk, an start keepin an eye out for dada to get home. I hab to be ready to gweet him properlee, as a bassy should!
I hold open da doggy door an let the flies change shifts, an i keep an eye out for dada.
i make suh dat wen dada an mama come home, dey know i lub dem, so i scream an scream to reassure dem.
aftuh dat, i get dinnah (again sumtimes i dun eat cuz i gotta stay twim) but den we gets walkies!
i make suh dada doesn't forget, so i sits undah da leash spot an i make gentle but loud cries of reminding foh him.
I tink walkies is da best pawt of mah jobs.

Well...aftah da walkies, i comes home, an den i is finalee allowed to be retired.
mama an dada say dey can't wait to be retired, but i'm like, guyz, i do that ebery night! i wakes up, but den i get retired again!

anyways, den i gets to take a well needed naps.
sumetimes i hab to cuddle mama, an sumetimes i need to be in da kitchen wiff dada to catch any veggies he may drop on da floow.
i make suh at about 9-9:30 i wemind mama an dada dat it's dinnah tyme.
Awso, outdoor time  (onlee pee in dah fwont, poo in da back yard! der are rools to follow, after all)

befoh bed i sometimes do a little extra wurk (i hab a high standard foh wesponsability) an i make sure all da upstairs toys hab been bitten, an i make suh da beds ar all made (by running an jumping on dah bed an spinning) an den finnawwy i get some fud on a stick (dada cawls it foofpaste or sumting) an DEN i get retired, an hab to go to bed.

So, wen dat lady sez i is a purty basset, i'm like lady, it ain't easy bein dis beeutiful!

Monday, April 1, 2013


fursday wuz my birffday! but saturday mama made me a cake, an den dayzee an me went to liska an callie's house (an monty an tessa were der, too)

so, dada came up wiff da idea to hab a huuuge penut buttah an jelly sandwhich! DELISH!! but dada got GWAPE mama made it...den wemembered dat i, as a dog, is not supposed to hab gwape! so we wiped it offs. but da pizza crust wiff buttah was GUD!

we had pawty games, an i had a pwesent, but da toopid ting was dat i had to dwess up :(

Dis me openin pwesent

dis me playin wif da wooden ting that gibes tweats!
daisy is scweaming in da background cuz she wanted dinnar.

ovahall...waz a gud birffday : )

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Dada an I hab been walkin moh den 4 miyles a day, eberry evening! I am so buff! I've got big muckells! I oz wuff an tuff type!
I cub benchpwess wike, 3 pownds. I oz like basset iron man.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cwazy walkies

boy, we's been on so many walkies dat were LONG lately!
we's dune hikes, an now dada iz walkin me an daizy to diz pawk, an we walks an walks!
i gots sore paws, an mama sed we had to take shorter ones! boo...juss cuz my skin is commin off! who cares? dun needs skin!

oh wells. mamas been wurkin a wot, an going to "cwasses" :( i hates wurk and classes! it means less mama time! BOOO!

well, i gots to convince dada it's still otay to take long walks!

Friday, February 15, 2013

hazpee vawentwines bay

i made dis foh my vaweentwine mowwy. mama wuz not onwine yestuhday, sos iput it onwine nows!

i hope yous get some peanut buttah foh vaw..vow...valwentines day, mowwy!

PS aweso mama cudn't decide which pic of me wuz da cutest so here is dem aw!

Friday, January 11, 2013

cwean toys!

mama washed my toys! she took dem an put dem in da big loud machiney ting, an dey came out all cwean an eben doh i hab dis toy for a whole year, it's wike...what is dis toy?? must be New toy!!!

dis daisy

dis wut daizy does wen she wants her dinnah at liska's house. i hab no idea what she is doin dat foh!


da odda day...mama found somefing howwible. its loud, an she points it at me, an air comes out an hits me in da face, an it's LOUD. i thought she was gonna get me wiff it! i mean, it's just i guess i was otay but dat ting was howwible!!


Dayzee an i gots to open toys! furst, da toy was aw fun cuz i gots to twear it up! den i got a soft toy out! but bolff da toy an da fun papuh ar boff mine. i dun let daisy have nun of dem!

Allllll da pwesents ar mine!!!